The European Metropolitan Region (MEL in French)
At the service of the 90 towns it is composed of, the MEL of Lille takes action, on a daily basis, for 1.2 million inhabitants. Its is competent in the following essential fields: transportation, housing, economy, public spaces and roads, town planning, town policy , water issues, clean-up operations, domestic waste, accessibility for disabled persons, green spaces and environment, culture, sports, tourism and crematoriums. The City Council, presided by Damien Castelain since April 18th, 2014 is composed of 184 members, elected for 6 years by direct universal suffrage.


The #Resolutely digital strategy
At this time, when everything up speeds up and our means of interaction have never been that numerous, the MEL of Lille meets these stakes, rolling out a strategy for digital planning, which will draw important perspectives on the new use of digital technology.



The #Resolutely digital strategy of the MEL strengthens both the importance of the role of the City in the development of digital technology and a close partnership with towns, the region of Nord-Pas-De-Calais-Picardie, the French state, Europe, industrialists, the voluntary sector and players in training and research. This strategy is composed of 3 main areas, gathering about fifty actions :

  • #1 : A resolutely efficient and resistant City for the sustainable development of the area. Technological Excellence and Competitiveness of the area, preservation of the resources services for the inhabitants,
  • #2 : A resolutely creative City , close to its citizens, to boost social change. Social and civic innovation, new forms of solidarity (in-home care for older people, education), sharing economy,
  • #3 : A resolutely European and International City to increase its geostrategic position. Attractiveness, Europe and proximity with the inhabitants.

One watchword: Do ! Experiment ! Towns will be guided throughout the testing process, on 3 priority themes, in partnership with the companies.


>> Find here the #Resolutely digital strategy of the MEL