Edition 2017

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Edito of Le Grand Barouf 2017 by Damien Castelain,
President of the Metropolitain Region of Lille


The digital transition impacting our region has raised hopes and concerns. A dialogue of the deaf seems to be the only communication medium emerging between the technological euphoria of Silicon Valley and the fear of a dehumanized world, subject to greater and broader controls. In this country, digitalization is not exclusively a technical subject; it is also a social subject as well as, dare we say it, the main concern of our civilization.

Digital questions are everywhere, they impact our everyday life, but they now live in the pages of specialised medias. What if the role of a public authority was first of all to put these questions back at the centre of the debate?

But how? By inventing, together, a common future, and especially by laying out a framework of basic values: digital technology must become a tool for a better understanding of the world rather that a swarm of gadgets that turn us away from it; it must give us the means for collective action rather than further entrenching us in our individualism; it must empower our capacity for action rather than demote us to obedient consumers. Finally, it must be the catalyst of a shared prosperity — and not facilitate the ongoing tearing apart of our society. For the first time in Europe, a major city brings our digital concerns back in the public debate, and offers a place for improbable encounters for all those that will, one day, be part of our region.



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