The 2018 edition


The Grand Barouf Numérique is the first event organised on digital technology in the Hauts-de-France region of France.


It is a free public event aimed at shaping the future of public policies at a European level. It is a participatory, forward-looking event organised in the form of a "parliamentary assembly" where “participants acting as members of parliament” meet to examine and amend an anticipated draft law on digital technologies. 2,000 people – elected representatives, companies, and start-ups from the region and the whole of Europe – are expected to come to the Lille Chamber of Commerce and Industry to construct a common vision.

- Manifesto -


Le Grand Barouf, is the din created by the clash of old and newworlds. The digital revolution - currently driven by robotisation and artificial intelligence - is turning post-industrial societies upside down. No one truly knows what tomorrow will bring. So when it comes to the future, it’s pointless playing guessing games: at Le Grand Barouf, we prefer discussion. Le Grand Barouf highlights controversies by devising future public policies. The event is designed like a two-day parliamentary session, where participants become ‘deputies’ who meet in committees, hearings and Q&A sessions with a mock government. Startuppers, citizens, activists, representatives from large companies, civil servants, designers... Above all, it is a place of unlikely encounters, where worlds that often know little of each other can finally speak face to face, in the interests of shaping our society’s digital future together.