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Relive the Grand Barouf Numérique 2018
See you on 21 and 22 March 2019 at the CCI Grand Lille for the 3rd edition!

The 2018 Grand Barouf, entitled "Never-ending Education",
deals with education and digital skills


As education has to address the challenge of constant self-reinvention and the renewal of a shared world, it is a place of debate par excellence. We aim to examine the frontiers that digital technologies are drawing out for the field of education which is being transformed everyday by new ways of learning and teaching. By provoking controversy, we encourage participants to form an opinion and become more informed citizens

Designing mock publix policies

Le Grand Barouf Numérique - a participatory, forward-looking event - is structured like a ‘parliamentary assembly’, where ‘participant deputies’ are invited to meet to examine and discuss an innovative draft law.

Les intervenants du Grand Barouf

Diane Taieb

Founder of Ralentisseur

After creating the start-up accelerator Schoolab and directing it for four years, Diane Taieb developed ‘Le Ralentisseur’ where she dedicates all her energy to creating experiences where time doesn’t matter so people can achieve clarity of thought and internal calm, get to know themselves better and focus on self-improvement.

Eric Scherer

Director of Innovation and Foresight at France Televisions

A reporter, foreign correspondent, chief editor, author of the books A-t-on encore besoin des journalistes [Do we still need journalists?] and La révolution numérique [The digital revolution], Eric Scherer, has been developing knowledge about media and digital technologies, which has led him to his current position as Director of Innovation and Future...

Angélique del Rey

Philosophy teacher

Angélique del Rey teaches philosophy in an aftercare centre for adolescents in the outskirts of Paris. She co-authored Plus jamais seuls. Le phénomène du téléphone portable [Never alone again. The mobile phone phenomenon] and Éloge du conflit [Eulogy for conflict] with Miguel Benasayag, and has collaborated with members of the Réseau Éducation Sans...

Tijmen Schep

Co-founder of SETUP

Author of the book Design My Privacy, and co-founder of SETUP, a Dutch NGO that provides design fictions about data protection issues, Tijmen Schep describes himself as a digital privacy designer and technocritic. Fanny Prudhomme Fanny Prudhomme’s credo is to design for worthwhile areas (see Design for the Real World, Victor Papanek). She is currently...

François Taddei

Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Center

Founder and Director of CRI (Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity) and IIFR (Institute for Innovative Teaching through Research), François Taddei initiated ‘Les Savanturiers’ – an educational programme developed by CRI, seeking to establish education through research in primary and secondary schools, with 156 sponsored classes.

Fanny Prudhomme

Carrier of the project Les Parleuses

Fanny Prudhomme’s credo is to design for worthwhile areas (see Design for the Real World, Victor Papanek). She is currently working on ‘Les Parleuses’, a project offering open source kits that facilitate discussion and promote knowledge of female genitals.

Nicolas Sadirac

Director of l'école 42

An advocate of ‘active learning’, Nicolas Sadirac has promoted this method through the creation of ‘Epitech’, a vocational school for computing in France, and more recently as the head of ‘42’, a free vocational school for peer-to-peer computing that helps uncover young talent.

Emmanuelle Grangier

Visual artist and choreographer

Emmanuelle Grangier is a visual artist and choreographer with a PhD in fine art and art sciences and teacher of digital practices at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art de Cambrai. She works on combining various discourses and is interested in the emergence of new forms of otherness and the unique relations they create.

Les formats


In small groups, you will get the chance to develop and study your ideas in greater depth.


Compare arguments and form an opinion with the help of international conference speakers who have come to debate issues with you.


A mock "government" and its opponents will try to convince you during addresses from one or two speakers.


Prototype and try out your ideas in order to fully grasp the subjects.


See you on 22 and 23 March 2018 for the second edition of the Grand Barouf Numérique !

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